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 My personal favourites were Alan Forest Smith and Armand Morin. If you are considering attending a seminar of some sort in the future try to do your research first on who is attending and speaking. I firmly believe that the immediate key to long term success is the quality of service that the customer will receive. This is fundamental and rather than concentrating solely on the sale, concentrate on the service factor and always try to over deliver! The one issue that i can never understand is how so many people attend these seminars, purchase an offer from a speaker and then do nothing! Why spend money and do nothing? All i can say is whether you invest or not just start something no matter what! Just Rolling Adhesive start the ball rolling. Remember "success breeds success!". This allowed me to speak to many people during the event on SEO but more importantly gave me a insight into the many different reasons people were attending. Alan Forest Smith is a UK based copywriter and internet marketer and gave an incredibly powerful presentation that the audience related to and could see how someone as a self starter had achieved incredible success. The event was managed superbly and presented to a audience over three days of 4500 delegates, excellent presenters and content. Armand Morin is a prolific internet marketer who always delivers and yet again delivered a powerful and assured presentation that was full of education and content. Andrew Reynolds organised the event and raised a magnificent sum of money for Great Ormand street hospital. I was amazed but yet happy to see so many that had businesses already online and were there to see how they couldbe improved. I was lucky enough to share the stage for some minutes with Alan Forest Smith who kindly acknowledged the work i had done for him on SEO and ranked his sites on page 1of the search engines. .I recently attended the entrepreneur's bootcamp in Bournemouth uk and can safely say it was a roaring success. As a established SEO expert myself I was looking for any new and interesting content from all those that participated and I was not disappointed. The statistics of people actually making money online and low compared to the amount of people who are trying. As someone that has been an Internet marketer for some years this was an event that produced and I am sure that many delegates will of walked away ready to continue or start their internet businesses. Over the course of the three days we were given world renowned presenters and entrepreneurs such as Armand Morin, Ted Nicholas,Yanik Silver, Derek Gehl and Alan Forest Smith. Internet marketing seminars can sometimes be nothing more than a platform to present outdated and useless information from the stage and then mop up the money from the delegates and thus not deliver.

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